Light lunch

Seeing as we’re eating out tonight, I opted for a light lunch. 

Taking my starting point as one of the Co-op’s “Sweet & Crunchy” salad bags, I added to it half a thinly sliced red onion, a couple of tomatoes, some mixed sliced peppers, and a bag of the Co-op’s own “Spinach, Rocket, & Watercress” salad. Dressing was a cunning use of the reserved oil from last night’s tin of sardines, a bit of lemon juice, and a whole lot of black pepper.

On the side I had some broccoli, carrot, and celery crudités, with the last of a batch of my tomato sauce as a dip. 

Apple and banana provided the fruity fix.

Should tide me over until tonight’s appointment at 6pm, with the aid of a plum or two…


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