On the road again….

Greetings from a wet and dreary Heathrow Airport.

After a week of lazing around at the seaside it’s unfortunately time to head on back to the ranch, get my head down, and start earning, well, what…?

I eat Paleo, me, so I certainly ain’t earning no steeeenking crust, no siree Bob!

Almond milk doesn’t exactly come for free, so that will have to do  – start once again earning my daily almond milk and sardines.

I’m bracing myself for a day of heaving luggage in and out of a variety of vehicles, as well as the added joys of a spot of good, old-fashioned urban foraging, wondering where my next morsel of sustenance will be coming from. When travelling the hungry Paleoista has to be constantly alert to any opportunities to replenish his bag of goodies. After all, my carefully guarded stash of walnuts isn’t unfortunately housed in a magic, bottomless Tupperware container.

Only the truly committed or the truly insane hard-core, old school types will ever know the joys of trying to post stuff to the cloud from an old notebook PC with an uplink through an equally ancient Android phone with a currently not so blisteringly fast 3G signal. 

What that means, mes braves, is that until I’m once again safely barricaded behind the portcullis at Castle Paleovirtus my blog-related activity will be somewhat sporadic. Hopefully once I’m back to as near as normal as I can muster I’ll catch up on my log-jam of post-able material. Watch this space, as they say.

For those terribly nice people who have started to follow me and like my stuff, please be patient! I’ll get around to checking out your sites when time allows. Bestest Paleo-promise!



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