Picnic on the train

Paleo picnic on the train.

Paleo picnic on the train.

Two things tend to be typically true when you begin to discuss the food on offer on trains in Britain today – i) it will be ridiculously expensive for what it is, and ii) what it is more often than not is very un-Paleo.

The obvious answer to both of these conundrums is to picnic!

On our way home from St. Ives post-holiday I just happened to have a few tomatoes spare, as well as a small bottle of extra-virgin olive oil, not to mention sea salt and whole black pepper, which rather conveniently came in containers with built in grinders. 

As you can see, I simply halved the toms, gave them the merest of drizzlings with the olive oil, the subtlest hint of sea salt, and a bladdy good battering with the black pepper. 

Chuck in some raw carrot sticks, a tin of sardines, and my customary sack-o-fruit™ and you had both a Paleo feast fit for a distinguished tribal chieftain, as well as a considerable sum of the old folding green stuff still left undisturbed in one’s porte-monnaie. Hurrah!

One word of warning – preparing tomatoes in this way on a train in Britain will invariably cause your fellow passengers to gawp and stare as though you had stood up on a seat back, stripped naked, doused yourself in petrol, and then begun to sing “Light My Fire” very loudly and out of tune.


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