Back to the grind – a dinner date.

After a busy day at work, followed by a somewhat stressful 5 mile bicycle commute home where the same bike path that was deserted and calm in the early morning has been transformed in a corridor for the transportation of 1001 maniacs, I often simply want to eat, do the dishes, and relax, with a minimum of fuss involved with food prep. 

To this end, I usually have something very similar to this…

  • ½ a red onion, finely chopped
  • a variation on the pre-prepared “washed and ready to eat” salad bag theme. They mostly contain stuff such as shredded red cabbage, lettuce leaves, rocket, watercress, that sort of thing
  • either 150g-ish cooked prawns, or a similarly sized tin of tuna
  • any other veg that’s to hand / on offer – radishes, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, chillies (always a favourite!), etc.

I usually omit salt, but go heavy / long on the black pepper front. Dressing is more often than not freshly squeezed lemon juice and a tiny sploot of some good Paleo friendly oil or other – extra-virgin olive of legend, or maybe if I feel nutty sesame.

Dessert fruit is always good – pineapples, mango, pears, bananas – take your pick. Extra bonus points come in the form of a sprinkling of whatever chopped nuts I have handy – this very evening I just happened to have walnuts available. 

Factor in mineral water with frozen berries in lieu of ice cubes, and the job’s a proper one indeed.


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