The Things They Say – No. 1 in an occasional series.

I had a very “These go to 11*” conversation with a colleague recently….

Colleague, having watched me dip into the sack-o-fruit™ all day for fruity, snacky sustenance…

“You’ll end up ill, you will…”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Col: “You’ll end up ill eating all that fruit. Fruit is bad for you.”

Me: “Bad…?”

Col: “Yes. Bad. You eat raw vegetables too. They are bad for you. You’ll end up ill.”

Me: “Oh. How long have I worked here mate?”

Col: “About a year, isn’t it?”

Me: “Indeed it is. Have you ever known me to take a day off sick, even when our other colleagues were dropping like flies?”

Col: “No.”

Me: “And have you ever seen me eat any differently?”

Col: “No.”

Me: “Don’t you think then, that just maybe, that it’s remotely possible that my diet is not exactly having a detrimental effect on my health?”

Col, after an embarrassingly long pause: “You’ll end up fat as well…..”

* Just in case you aren’t familiar with this expression, click here and all will be explained….



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