The Things They Say – No. 2 in an occasional series.

So, there I was, trying to explain the concepts behind the Paleo diet to another colleague, one who really, really should have been paying more attention, to be perfectly frank. 

Morbidly obese? Check.

Diabetes? Check.

High blood pressure? Check.

He’s currently under Doctor’s Orders to lose weight. Sharpish, like.

Life in danger, stalked by the Reaper, keel over any second and expire before he hits the carpet, yaddah yaddah yaddah. You know the score.

To be fair to the man he’s trying at least – he’s dropped a few pounds, apparently.

Anyroad, once he’d seen my “before” pictures (I was bigger back then than he currently is) he wanted to know the secret of my weight loss. As the details were revealed unto him, his face began to drop. I recall him saying “I’m not doing that…!” quite a lot.

And then, the final straw, the line in the sand. Go no further, here be dragons….yes…the “C” word…caveman…

“What, do you get to bash your wife with a club, then drag her to the bedroom to ravish her against her wishes, then…?” he sneered….

I smiled the Marwood Smile of Embarrassed Incredulity, and prayed for deliverance….

The Marwood Smile of Embarrassed Incredulity

The Marwood Smile of Embarrassed Incredulity



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