The Things They Say – No. 3 in an occasional series.

The things they say!

The things they say!

Yet another silly exchange I recently had at work…

I looked up, to see that a colleague had been gawping at me. The look on her face was one of unmitigated disgust.

It wasn’t my physical appearance (for once!) or mannerisms that lay behind her discomfort however, it was the fact that yet again she had “caught” me dipping into the sack-o-fruit™ for a healthy snackette.

“You people,” she spat, “you think you’re going to live forever, don’t you, eating all that….stuff…!”

I should mention at this point that the cherub in question has a diet that is best described as about 190% un-Paleo. By a curious coincidence, when she isn’t actually ON sick leave, she staggers around the office wheezing, coughing, and sneezing as though she is ABOUT to go on sick leave.

“True enough,” I replied, “I’m not going to live forever. I’ll get old and die, just like everybody else. The thing is, thanks to this diet, I’ll have, statistically speaking, a longer innings, and won’t spend as much of the time I have at home, in bed, feeling poorly.”

“Oh,” she said after a short pause, “I hadn’t thought of that…”, and sloped off, coughing violently, and now looking even more miserable than usual.





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