Luscious leftovers

Luscious Leftovers

Luscious leftovers…!

There are some days when even the most enthusiastic of cooks, the kind who can dream about kitchen appliances and tablewear and yet wake up with a blissful smile on their face, simply can’t be bothered. 

Today was such a day. Un-typically British heat and humidity made for a bothersome working day as well as a bicycle commute that became a true test of endurance and patience.  The last thing on my mind when I finally dragged my sweaty carcass up the stairs to my apartment was making magic happen in the galley. Luckily for me, I had the power of leftovers on my side and in the fridge…

Yesterday, as a Sunday treat, I knocked out a Thai curry (I’ve blogged about it here…), which left me with a good sized quantity of the curry sauce left. I also had half a courgette / zucchini and half a head of cauliflower lurking in the fridge too, as well as other bits and pieces such as basil and spring onion (scallions, I reckon some might say). Is that a tin of mackerel I spy with my hungry eye in the cupboard? It surely is. Boys and girls, I think we have a plan…

The mackerel was simply flaked into the sauce, the courgette / zucchini was noodly-fied just as if I was preparing it to replace boiled glue a-la Italiano, just as I recently did here, and then dropped into the same bowl. The cauli was merely broken into smallish florets and rinsed, prior to being gobbled up as dunkin’ crudities. Garnish was supplied by sliced spring onion and torn basil leaves.

For a 10-minute throw together it worked really well. The chilled “hot” sauce was rather nice on such a hot day, for some unfathomable yet very welcome reason. I rounded off my lazy meal with a pear, and a cup of mint tea….






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