Quite my cup of tea – mint!

Mint tea

Mint tea

Another favourite flavoured tea, quite perfect for calming one down after the trials and tribulations of a hectic working day.

The starting point here is a good quality green gunpowder tea – your friendly neighbourhood Chinese grocery should be able to fix you up there. The only other requirement is fresh mint!

Simply measure out the normal weight  or volume of tea for the receptacle you are going to steep your tea in, and then simply add a quantity of fresh mint leaves.

You will only truly find out how much mint is “just right” for you, or even if you like mint tea at all, by trial and error. I’d start on the cautious side though, if I were you.

Remember that a green tea should never really be steeped in freshly boiled water – let the kettle stand for a couple of minutes or so before steeping the tea.

I usually give this concoction about 3 minutes or thereabouts to steep, and then pour into a clear glass cup and garnish with a few more fresh mint leaves.

Even someone like me, profoundly colour-blind as I am, can appreciate the lovely colour of the finished tea, not to mention the wonderful smell and taste…!

This tea is particularly good at calming down and cooling off a palate that has recently been given a thorough workout by a good old dose of chillies. Trust me here. I speak with decades of experience behind me…


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