Something for the weekend – Project Paleo Asian Redux

Paleo Asian Redux

Paleo Asian Redux

Friday tomorrow…Hurrah! We all know what that means, non…?

Yes, it’s time to start planning the weekend’s menus (what did you think I meant!?). For me, the weekend means oodles of free time, free time which I plan, as always, to invest in the procurement, cooking, and devouring of some tasty ingredients.

My major objective for this weekend will be to make some headway on what I call  Project Paleo Asian Redux.

This is an on-going effort to take my favourite Asian recipes that have since Paleo came into my life been somewhat neglected due to their reliance on many foodstuffs such as rice, breads, dairy, and legumes that are not quite up-to-scratch from a Paleo perspective, and make them Paleo friendly.

This weekend I’m going to focus mainly on my repertoire of Indian dishes. 

As I have already documented here, I already have in place what I consider a nice base curry sauce I developed during my Weight Watching days, and I have already experienced the joys of cauliflower rice. Next on the To Do list is to find a good way to replace lentils, especially my favourite lentil dish, masoor daal, or red lentil curry.

My initial thoughts are to try out a spiced purée of two root vegetables – swede (rutabaga) and carrot. Hopefully this will replicate the consistency of the lentils after they have cooked down, as well as their warm, earthy flavour.

Another aspect of Indian cuisine I’m keen to have a Paleo-inspired crack at is the Korma. 

This is a creamy dish made with dairy products – cream and yoghurt. I think coconut milk has to be the starting point here, possibly with some almond milk / butter / flour, maybe even some cashews, too.

And then, perhaps what is the Mother Lode of Indian Paleo  – Naan bread! 

This is traditionally a wheat bread made with cow’s milk and yoghurt, but I’ve found a recipe that is 100% Paleo, something which at the time made me squeal with excitement like a 4 year old at Disneyland.

By the Great Shaman, my mouth’s already watering at the prospect!

This is going to be fun….


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