Thought for the day – the wisdom of rabbits

When I was a kid our local park had some pet rabbits, that were kept in cages near the bowling green.

My one abiding memory of them is that they would eat pretty much whatever you shoved through the mesh of their cages in their general direction. They didn’t seem to be, to our childish and boundless amusement, particularly picky.

This week, however, some 42 years later, I have had to re-asses my opinion of rabbits as cute, leporine dustbins.

On Monday of this week some sugar-addled fiend or other dropped a considerable amount of sweets next to the bike path I take to work, what looked like a kilo or more of sugar coated gelatinous nastiness. 

Today (Thursday), they remain as yet untouched, despite the area being over-run by rabbits so bold they sit by the bike path in their droves to gawp at the commuter-circus every morn. 

My conclusion – rabbits are in fact hard core Paleo freaks, and know crap when they see it.

Respect unto thee, Oh children of El-ahrairah….


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