Coming soon on Paleovirtus…

Well, I can honestly say that this weekend, which was the first outing for Project Paleo Asian Redux, has been an unqualified success! 

The general theme was “Indian”, and the idea was to re-visit some old favourites from my pre-Paleo days, and, well, Paleoize them!

My goal was to have a stab at a Chicken Korma, Naan bread, and Masoor Dal, or red lentil curry, all of which I did to generally pleasing results. Along the way I also managed to bring a recipe back from beyond the mists of time, one that I first cooked in the very early 90s, Masala Chops, or Indian spiced pork!

I also found time to have a crack at that Paleo classic, the banana pancake, as well as an all new (for me, that is!) dessert, Grilled Pineapple. 

The trouble is, it’s kind of hard to shop, cook, eat, and then wash-up after so many meals in a weekend and then actually blog about them in the time available. The good news is that notes have been taken aplenty, and everything has been photographed, so that once I’m back into the tedium and repetition of the working week I have something  a bit more interesting than my usual sardine salad at lunch-time to crow about.

Another side-project I want to start working on this very week is one named “Mary Rose Bones”. This is the story of the emotional impact losing such a large amount of weight as I have has upon an individual.

To counterbalance the somewhat “heavier” side of “Mary Rose Bones” I have a little something I call “Fruitspotting” – a rather light-hearted and I suspect ultimately flawed and doomed attempt to munch my way through every cultivar of every fruit known to man. 

Yup, lots to do, and not a lot of time to do it in!

Better invest in some good coffee, looks like I’m in for some late nights…


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