A zucchini “pasta” how-to, non-spiral cutter method

Let’s be honest here, Paleo pals, zucchini pasta, along with cauliflower rice and a selection from the range of Paleo bread recipes available, is more or less a “must have” in your culinary repertoire.

I am a true blue, dyed in the wool Yorkshireman, and as such have a very real aversion to parting with brass when not absolutely necessary, and so the prospect of forking out for a rather expensive kitchen gadget when I already had the tools in my drawer to accomplish the task was simply not to be entertained.

NB – I’ll apologise beforehand for the less than spectacular qualities of the accompanying pictures. My kitchen at Castle Paleovirtus has no natural source of light, and at the time they were taken I was still getting to grips with my new camera…


Tools needed

Tools needed for zucchini pasta

Tools needed for zucchini pasta

Top to bottom – a good, sharp, vegetable knife, a cheese plane, and a julienne peeler. That’s it.


Method – tagliatelle

Top and tail the zucchini…

top and tail

top and tail

Using the cheese plane, shave off thin strips…

zucchini strips

zucchini strips

And then finally using your vegetable knife, slice the strips into tagliatelle. Job done.

zucchini tagliatelle

zucchini tagliatelle


Method – spaghetti 

Couldn’t be easier – using your julienne peeler simply shave off layers of spaghetti. Gently tease them apart afterwards…

zucchini spaghetti

zucchini spaghetti



My own personal preference is to eat the pasta raw – nice and “al dente”!

Some folks like to blanch them in boiling, salted water for a few seconds, or give them a quick walk through hot olive oil in a pan. Experiment – see what works for you. It has to be said, though, they are jolly nice…

zucchini spaghetti al pomodoro

zucchini spaghetti al pomodoro




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