Operation Wind-down – keema with root vegetable purée

keema and root vegetable purée

keema and root vegetable purée

I’m on the move…!

In two weeks time, I’ll be on a boat heading, or so I sincerely hope, in the general direction of Esbjerg in Denmark, which is but a short train journey from Copenhagen, which in turn is a very short train ride over a very long bridge away from the Swedish City of Malmö, my home. 

As part of the moving process, I’ll be disposing of the fridge-freezer at my current place in England, which means of course that I’ll have to empty it first! Cue Operation Wind-down, an on-going exercise to take all the stuff in the freezer, and get rid of it, in as cost-effective and enjoyable a way as humanly possible. It’s kind of like culinary “Tetris”, a challenge to mix and match ingredients and leftovers into a cohesive shape or whole, something you can actually chew, swallow, and then smile about afterwards.

I think I started off reasonably well, with some leftover keema, which I served up on a simple bed of puréed carrot and swede (rutabaga), which rather handily I also had in the freezer compartment – just enough, in fact, to make up a generous portion for 1. Perfect.

Mashed swede and carrot when paired with any kind of minced meat dish, never mind a wonderfully spicy one such as a keema, is, I think, a marriage made in heaven. Flavours and textures just seem to contrast in an interesting way, and yet compliment each other, too. There I go again, waxing lyrical about frozen leftovers and bag-ends, zapped until warm in a microwave. To be fair though, they were exceptionally tasty frozen leftovers and bag-ends.

As you may be able to make out in the photo above, I was serving this dish in a karahi that I found for sale as one of a pair in a local charity shop. They are restaurant quality, 8 inches in size, and copper bottomed, the real deal, and yet I paid a mere £1.98 for the 2 of them! 

Tomorrow, Operation Wind-down will be sticking with Indian food – I have a portion of sauce left over from a recent korma, a batch of frozen prawns screaming “eat us, eat us!”, and plenty of frozen spinach to use up.

This simply works on so many levels, and ticks so many boxes, that it makes me all giddy just thinking about it, so if you’ll excuse me I’ll just nip off and do a quick happy jig around the kitchen instead…


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