Operation Wind-down – prawn and spinach korma

prawn and spinach korma

prawn and spinach korma

As I explain here, I’m in the process of emptying my freezer before I move.

This meal was put together from ingredients that were simply defrosted, heated in the microwave, mixed, and then served. Chalk one up for the power of frozen leftovers, and a freezer well stocked with Paleo friendly staples.

I started with a batch of my korma sauce as a base, and then added a good few cooked prawns, and then finished the dish off with an equally good cargo of spinach. That’s all.

Prawn and spinach is one of the culinary world’s best pairings, and Indian cuisine takes what is simply good, works its magic, and elevates this duo to another level still, fit for the table of the gods themselves.

A prawn and spinach curry has a special place in the mythology of our family – a story that can amaze, terrify, and amuse in equal measure well over a decade after the events themselves. All I will say in order to protect the identities of innocent and guilty parties alike is this – treat this dish with a considerable amount of respect. You have been warned…!


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