Operation Wind-down – bacon, asparagus, and egg

Bacon, asparagus, and egg

Bacon, asparagus, and egg

As part of my project to use up all my outstanding food stocks before moving, I found myself round at my old place with what initially seemed few options available for the speedy, eat-and-go lunch I needed to prepare, devour, and clean up after between hectic bouts of packing, cleaning, and rubbish slinging.

However, after a quick visit to the local supermarket, I was lucky enough to get my hands on cut-price, quick-sale, use-by-date-reached tomatoes, asparagus, and cucumber. 

This was a fantastic fit with the two rashers of bacon and single, solitary egg I had sitting all alone in the almost empty fridge.

The asparagus was simply trimmed and steamed, the bacon microwaved on my wonderful crisper plate, and the egg hard boiled.

The last drops of olive oil in a bottle, the sad remnants of a lemon, a sprinkling of black pepper, and the scrapings from a packet of Indian spice mix chaat masala took care of the embellishments. 

Not too bad a result, with a few pennies saved into the bargain. Well done me, I say! Hurrah!

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