Operation Wind-down – a tale of two salads

Salade ordinaire

Salade Ordinaire

Another “can’t be all that bothered” day, to be perfectly frank. Preparing for a house move can have that effect on even the most dedicated of cooks, it seems.

Two salads then, assembled from what was lurking in the fridge, loafing around on counter-tops, or screaming to be let out of a tin.

The first, “Salade Ordinaire”, works on the principle that the French language, when applied to food, will work its magic and make even the mundane seem exciting and vibrant. I wouldn’t bet a kidney on it working in this case though.

Don’t get me wrong, it was nice enough, just not nice enough to compel you to dash off to the nearest Post Office in order to send an urgent postcard to a good friend detailing its many admirable qualities.

Spring onions were sliced, as was a cucumber, a couple of sticks of celery, and some iceberg lettuce. A red pepper was cut into strips. Radishes were  quartered. These fine ingredients were mixed in a large bowl, and then given the old black pepper, lemon juice, and sesame oil treatment. A bit dull, perhaps, but somehow fitting for a gray Wednesday evening towards the back end of August.

Vaguely tropical fruit salad

Vaguely tropical fruit salad

The next salad, the rather imaginatively named  “Vaguely tropical fruit salad”, was conceived as a way to use the contents of a tin of lychees I had to deal with pre-move. As luck would have it, I also had some cherries, not to mention a pineapple,  that I scored for earlier in the day, courtesy of our local supermarket’s “On Offer – For Quick Sale” shelf, known hereabouts as “Cheapskate’s Parade”.

Bananas and citrus fruits are something I always have to hand, so half a ‘nana and a clementine sneaked into the bowl, too. With such a deliciously fruity array on offer, I decided this dish needed nothing more than a simple sprinkling of dessicated coconut.

A belly filled, and pennies saved.

Mission accomplished, says I. Hurrah!


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