Operation Wind-down – steamed vegetable salad

Steamed vegetable salad

Steamed vegetable salad

This meal represents one last hurrah for “Operation Wind-down”, my project to use up as much as possible of the food I had in store before I up sticks and relocate back to Sweden from Jolly Old Lincolnshire.

Tomorrow is my day of departure, and I am, to put it mildly, not the best or the most relaxed of travelers. It is my poor digestive system that unfortunately bears the brunt of the heaving nervousness I usually experience. The best way I have found to deal with this is not to overload it before and during a trip, which meant that this meal was always going to be a relatively light affair.

Seeing as I was still largely pre-occupied with various pre-move administrative tasks, time was of the essence, too, so I really wanted to be able to throw something together PDQ.

Light and quick – a simple vegetarian salad seemed to tick both of those boxes. Looking at what I had still to go at ingredient wise, I quickly came up with an idea that worked reasonably well. Earlier in the day, during a last visit to our local food emporium to say my goodbyes to the staff as well as use the last of my outstanding loyalty card points, I scored for one of their “sweet & crispy” salad bags that was on offer due to its expiry date. This gave me a base of lettuce, shredded carrot, and shredded red cabbage to build on.

I added ½ a red onion I had left over, which I thinly sliced. As well as the salad bag, I also found a nice little cauliflower on offer, and that was quickly cut up into florets and the steamed until just tender.

I then took the last few handfuls of a packet of frozen mushrooms, and steamed them too until just done. The remainder of a packet of frozen spinach leaf was soon on the receiving end of similar treatment.

Once the steamed vegetables had cooled down sufficiently, I added them to a large mixing bowl with the onion and the contents of the salad bag. All that was left to do was season and dress the finished salad with the tail-end of a tin of smoked Spanish paprika, the juice of half a leftover lemon, and the last dribbles from a bottle of sesame oil.

Not too bad a way to close out “Operation Wind-down”, all things considered.


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