Bread-less prawn sandwich

Breadless prawn sandwich

Bread-less prawn sandwich

When you’re dining out, sometimes you have to be prepared to engage in a bit of a debate with the staff at your chosen eatery in order to trim a dish on the menu of its Paleo un-friendly bits.

Hopefully, you eventually arrive at a place that suits both parties – they still get to sell you food, and you get to avoid going hungry while having to watch all your non-Paleo companions stuff their faces.

The owner at Syltan, which Mrs. Paleovirtus frequents every Tuesday due to its Pub Quiz evening, was more than happy to serve me with their Prawn Sandwich, minus the bread.

I was still left with a veritable mountain of tasty shellfish, a good wedge of salad, and plenty of creamy mayonnaise on my plate, so I in turn was more than happy to shovel it down.

Everybody happy. I declare that to be a fine result all round. Hurrah!

We came second in the quiz, by the way, missing out on the top spot by a mere point-and-a-half, despite the quite noticeable boost my cognitive powers got from all that shellfish.

Note to self – next time, add some crayfish and lobsters into the equation…


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