More Mackerel – Mums!

Yet another mackerel salad

Yet another mackerel salad

The title of this post has nothing to do with mothers!

Mums as used in this sense means “yummy!” in Swedish – very apt here if you ask me.

In need of a quick lunch, I had a wander over to our local Ica hypermarket, where I bought a bag of their 60 / 40 % raw cabbage and carrot salad mix, and a tin of mackerel in a Paleo friendly tomato sauce – i.e. just water, tomato purée, and a bit of salt.

Back at home I simply chucked in about a third of a cucumber, sliced, and dumped in a good handful of hot chilli flakes I had loitering with intent in a cupboard.

The fish was then flaked into the salad bowl, and everything was given a nice old mix.

Pow! Ka-zaam! Take that, lunch-time hunger demon!


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