Paleo – it’s where you find it, man (or – shy babies get no goodies)



Swedish frozen yoghurt chain Yogiboost has been a favourite for some time now with Mrs. Paleovirtus and Paleovirtus Jr.

The Paleovirtus clan was out on a shopping expedition yesterday, and my womenfolk felt the very real need for chilled dairy produce, and as we were in the proximity of one of Yogiboost’s boutiques, in we went.

Initially I was prepared to sit there with one of their reputedly very nice eco-friendly coffees,  but playing a hunch, we asked the staff working there if it was allowed to have a cupful of toppings, but no yoghurt.

We were hoping they would say “Yes!”, working on the fact that the price of your cup is based on its weight, rather than its actual contents.

“Yes indeed!” was the reply, and this made me rather glad, as the range of toppings available is extensive, more than 70 in fact according to the Yogiboost website, and includes all manner of Paleo friendly stuff.

And so it came to pass that I loaded up my cup with grapes, kiwi, pomegranate seeds, blueberries, melon chunks, mango pieces, pineapple chunks, cashews, walnuts, and for that decadent finishing touch a good old dusting of dessicated coconut.

There may even have been more fruit in there – I was like the proverbial kid in the chocolate factory, too excited and focused on filling the damn cup to take in-depth notes!

All in all a very tasty, and more importantly Paleo friendly, pit-stop and re-fuelling session. Thumbs up for Yogiboost!

Oh, and the rumours were correct – the coffee really was excellent!


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