Paleo blueberry muffins

Blueberry muffins

Blueberry muffins

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I’d planned to do a bit of Paleo baking for some time, but decided to wait until my move back to the Home Kitchen was complete, so that I would have a better equipped kitchen to play in, not to mention more free time available.

After a fair bit of Googling about, this was one of the first recipes I decided to try – Adriana Harlan of “Living Healthy With Chocolate”‘s Paleo Blueberry Muffins.

The recipe couldn’t have been easier to follow, even for someone such as I, who is, much to the amusement of the rest of my family who are very accomplished bakers, not exactly the best baker in the world.

The only slight alteration I made to the core recipe was to use baking powder rather than baking soda, simply because i) that was all I had in at the time, and ii) our local supermarket didn’t seem to have any in, either.

Mrs. Paleovirtus, as a follower of LCHF, and Paleovirtus Jr., as an aspirant Paleo person, both rather partial to sweet stuff, were very keen to give these muffins a test drive.

The verdict – a resounding success!

Even my sister and eldest niece, the family’s master bakers, pronounced them as worthy of our clan’s long and glorious baking tradition, albeit after seeing pictures of them rather than tasting them.

Batch 1 was soon dispatched, and batch 2 quickly prepped and baked. They turned out just as well, and seem to be on borrowed time.

I have the funny feeling that muffin baking is about to become at least a triweekly event in the Home Kitchen…


Just in case you missed it earlier, the recipe for  these beauties can be found here….

Serving suggestions

Muffins, berries, ice-cream...

Muffins, berries, ice-cream…

These muffins make for a wonderful quick dessert with a few strawberries and a blob of Paleo coconut and almond ice-cream…

coffee break...

coffee break…

They also work rather well with a nice cup of coffee and a slice of lemon pound cake.

Update, 8th. October 2014 – LARGE muffins, Goji Goodness…

New larger size

New larger size

So, I finally bought the new, larger (sometimes referred to as  “American”, here in Sweden, at least) silicon muffin form I’ve been after for a while.

Eyeballing the apparent size of each “hole”, it looked to be roughly twice the volume of my smaller muffin form.

This meant that when it came to test the new form I made a double batch of batter up, with one important exception. Instead of 2 eggs, I was going to use 3, as the ones I had in were rather small.

This would have left 1 sad, lonely egg left in the fridge, so in that one went, too, giving 4 small eggs.

This, as you can probably well imagine, made the batter considerably runnier, or looser, than previously. However, this in fact turned out to be a beneficial development, as the muffins rose as they never have previously, and the final texture was much lighter.

So, in future I think I’ll stick to either 4 small or 3 large eggs when making up a batch in the larger form.

Another experiment was that I also added Goji berries. So much is being written about them lately, that when I saw that our local hypermarket had them in at a fair-ish price I thought I’d see how they worked in the muffins in the place of the blueberries.

This was mainly done because if our local hypermarket is 1 thing in particular, that thing is unreliable. I could never guarantee that they would have blueberries in if I needed them for a batch of muffins, but if I have a good stash of dried Goji berries to fall back on, all would be well and good.

The amount of dried Goji berries added to the “double batter batch” along with the increased amount of eggs was 70g .

The result? A smile and a nod from me, and a big thumbs up from Mrs. Paleovirtus, which is significant, because she is a huge fan of the blueberry version.

Goji berry goodness

Goji berry goodness

Perhaps the 1 improvement that could be made to this version of the muffins would be to up the amount of dried Goji berries somewhat, say to 100g.


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