I do like to be beside the seaside…

Seaside picnic

Seaside picnic

This was supposed to be a 30 kilometre bike ride to watch my daughter in a game of football, Association football, that is, what some of you might know better as “soccer”.

About 5 kilometres in to the ride, Mrs. Paleovirtus, who does all the administrative bits and pieces for the team, called to inform me that the match had been cancelled.

Oh. Now what?

She came up with a jolly good suggestion, clever devil that she is – knowing I had a good cargo of fuel-type snacks lurking in my panniers, she suggested that I still make something of the afternoon and head out towards the seaside village of Lomma, roughly 13 kilometres up the coast, and have a picnic.

Brilliant idea!

It was a perfect afternoon for a ride – pleasantly warm with no trace of the swirling coastal

pit stop at Lomma

pit stop at Lomma

winds we often get around here. Despite briefly getting lost in a confusing jumble of roadworks that had spilled out from the motorway to engulf the cycle path, I made good time and was soon pedalling through the outskirts of Lomma.

I made a bee-line for a bench I’ve used on more than one occasion in the past, and plonked myself down with my picnic goodies – bananas, a mix of walnuts and cashew nuts, and good old Adam’s ale.

After a short while taking in the sea air and basking in the rather unseasonable sunshine, I packed up my things, and pointed my front wheel in the general direction of town….

Mustang by the sea

Mustang by the sea



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