Product review – Westmark Spiromat spiral cutter

Let’s get one thing out of the way before we go any further…


I am not connected with Westmark, or anyone who sells Spiromats, in any way, shape, or form. I have received diddly-squat for producing this review.

Having said that, and to paraphrase the late, great Douglas Adams, I am not above sponsorship deals in precisely the same way that the sea is not above the sky. If you are a manufacturer or a retailer even vaguely interested in sponsoring this blog, get in touch.


A while ago I produced a How-To post detailing the process of producing “pasta” made from zucchini / courgettes / squash ( you can find that article here ) without the use of a spiral cutter.

However, last weekend I was in a cookware shop, and they just happened to have a Westmark Spiromat spiral cutter in stock.

Having trained in the dark arts of vehicle body engineering, I like to think I know a thing or two about manufacturing standards, and the Spiromat seemed to be well made.

I had also just received a bit of a windfall, so I was easily able to afford it.

I think the photographs are self explanatory. You clamp your vegetable of choice onto the unit at one end, on the spiked face of the hand-crank unit, and the other end at the tubular “pivot” on the blade unit.

Spiromat, vegetable clamped in place

Spiromat, vegetable clamped in place

To produce your spirals, you then simply turn the crank, and at the same time feed the vegetable into the blade by siding the crank unit towards the blade unit.

Simply turn the crank handle to produce  spiral cuts

Simply turn the crank handle to produce spiral cuts

Honestly, it’s far harder to describe the process than to actually do it. I hesitate to use the phrase “idiot proof”, because I’ve worked in public transport, but this gizmo is about as close as you are ever going to see to being precisely that.

I’ll put it this way – no manual is included, because quite frankly one isn’t needed.

The product comes with 3 choices of blade, which cleverly slide into the body of the cutter when not in use.

The blade that’s going to clearly see most action in this household is the one that produces a cut very similar to spaghetti.

Zucchini spaghetti as made by the Spiromat

Zucchini spaghetti as made by the Spiromat

Another blade produces strips slightly wider than that, but not quite as wide as tagliatelle.

The last blade produces strips that are as wide as the vegetable itself, if you follow, a straight-forward spiral cut rather than ribbons, in other words.

Although to be fair it’s still early days with this device, I have to say that on the basis of its performance so far it gets a hearty Paleovirtus thumbs up.

If you’re in the market for a well produced, well thought out spiral cutter, you most certainly could do a lot worse.





15 thoughts on “Product review – Westmark Spiromat spiral cutter

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  9. goatsandgreens

    Way cool. I am wanting one, but will wait until I move to a larger kitchen (hopefully, fingers crossed, 2015). Yep, I know, these things don’t have a large footprint, but… my kitchen has a vestigial one. At any rate, one of the local sushi places is now using a spiralizer to make their daikon “spaghetti”. At a sushi restaurant, I (almost) considering this cheating. But for me, I’ll keep this recommendation in mind. The zoodle presentation seems neater and more precise than what I obtain from my mandoline.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. paleovirtus Post author

    Our kitchen also suffers from a dearth of cupboard and counter top space, but with the Spiromat it’s never been a problem because it’s constantly in use, and so never had to be put away as such… 🙂


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