Banana coconut cookies

Banana coconut cookies

Banana coconut cookies

Sometimes a recipe will appear in the various feeds you subscribe to, and you think to yourself that it sounds and looks great, but then the voice of the Disappointment Elf that constantly sits on the shoulder of the experienced cook and reminds you of failures past chirps up, and urges you to be cautious.

“Two ingredient banana and coconut cookies”, he whispers, “sounds too good to be true, mate”.

“But the photographs look so good“, I insist, “You can almost smell them, and the people posting in the comments seem to have made them work”.

“Up to you, Charlie Mouse”, he replies, “Do I have to remind you about the time you…”

He never gets to finish the sentence, because the Go-For-It Gnome that sits on the other shoulder sucker punches him when he isn’t looking with a good old-fashioned right handed haymaker, and while he’s out cold insists that we have a crack at the new recipe. After all, what’s a banana and a bit of dessicated coconut in the grand scheme of things, eh?

And so, mes amis, it came to pass that a few minutes later I was blitzing banana and dessicated coconut together into a cookie dough, forming them into diskettes, and throwing them into a pre-heated 180° C oven.

Let it be noted that I got a 4 cookie yield from each batch of 1 banana and ¾ cup of dessicated coconut mixture.

25 minutes later they were out and cooling.

The results were very encouraging. A first attempt at a new recipe is always a “proof of concept” job – you really should be keeping things as simple as possible to see if the base recipe itself actually works.

These cookies do!

I think the recipe itself cries out to be used as a starting point or base for experimentation – the next version will no doubt see the addition of honey, coco-powder (100%, of course), and quite possibly cinnamon.


That link again… 2 Ingredient Banana and Coconut Cookies, by

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