Banana, coconut, and chia seed pudding

Banana coconut milk and chia seed pudding

Banana coconut milk and chia seed pudding

Yet another recipe that popped up into one of the feeds I subscribe to that really caught my eye.

I’m always on the lookout for quick and easy fruit based desserts, and with just 3 ingredients this one is right up there with the quickest and the simplest.

One thing that attracted me to this recipe was its potential as an oral fire-blanket after consuming a main course well dosed with chillies.

The recipe, over at “Stupid Easy Paleo”, can be found here

Another plus point was that I’d only recently noticed that our local hypermarket has started to stock chia seeds, which, for them, given the sudden interest in chia seeds as a “superfood”, is remarkably clocked on, and I like to reward and encourage them when they think outside of the box, and so I bought a packet.

For the price I paid, it has to be noted, it really should have come on a silk cushion, placed on a silver platter inlaid with unicorn horn and diamonds with solid gold handles, itself carried triumphantly in a platinum wheel-barrow, pushed by the Dalai Lama.

Anyroad, wallet-raiding properties aside, you can read about the health benefits associated with chia seeds here, here, and here.

Results and notes

As far as I’m concerned, this dessert was absolutely spot on as regards the all important factors of taste and texture.

Mrs. Paleovirtus, however, opined that the banana flavour was a bit too much for her, and was interested to hear that I had omitted the optional dash of vanilla essence.

She thought that a spot of vanilla might off-set what was for her the overpowering banana-iness of the pudding, so that will be added the next time I make this dessert.

Hopefully “next time” will coincide with the appearance of a gum-blisteringly hot curry on the Paleovirtus dining table, so that I will also be able to report on its fire extinguishing properties, too.

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