Paleo mock mango lassi

Paleo mock mango lassi

Paleo mock mango lassi

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first – this isn’t a classic or traditional lassi as most people would understand it, hence the usage of the word “mock”.

For those of you not totally au fait with the finer points of Indian dairy produce, lassi is a refreshing drink usually made principally from yoghurt.

With the spread in popularity of curry-house culture, lassi made with mango has become very well known, acting as it does as a perfect foil to a spicy meal.

Lassi can even be drunk at the end of a meal, in place of a dessert.

As part of my Paleo regime I no longer eat dairy produce, and so had gone without what was once a de rigueur addition to all my Indian-themed meals.

Then, the other night, I found myself wondering if it would be possible to create a lassi-like drink from light coconut milk instead of yoghurt. I had a tin in, and as luck would have it I also had a 250g packet of frozen mango sat in the freezer. Hmmmm, worth a try….

The results were encouraging, to say the least…


Serves 1 – 2


  • 1 400ml can light coconut milk
  • 250g frozen mango


  • Take the mango out of the freezer, and allow to partially defrost for 20 minutes or so. This will just make it that bit easier to blend.
  • Place the coconut milk in a measuring jug. Add the mango, and blitz with a hand blender until smooth. Pour into glasses, over ice cubes, if you’re that way inclined. Serve.


It should be noted that this was a quick, “proof of concept” job, knocked together with ingredients I just happened to have in, merely to see if  a coconut milk based alternative to lassi was viable.

Seeing as it was, future versions will be more lassi-like, insofar as they will include fresh lemon juice, for starters. As far as this recipe goes, the juice from ½ a lemon would be a good starting point.

Feel free to experiment with the addition of other sweeteners such as honey, etc, if the mango itself isn’t sweet enough for your taste.

You could just as well use fresh mango and a little crushed ice instead of frozen mango.

If you can’t get hold of light coconut milk, you might want to try ordinary full fat coconut milk “watered” down with a nut-milk, such as almond, for example. A good lassi shouldn’t really have too thick a consistency – you’re not aiming for a milk shake here. Think “easily pourable”, and you won’t go far wrong.

If you’re feeling decadent you might wish to garnish your glasses with a little crushed cardamom seed, or mint leaves, or even a touch of grated Paleo friendly chocolate.


3 thoughts on “Paleo mock mango lassi

    1. paleovirtus Post author

      I’d love to give it a try using coconut yoghurt. I haven’t see any here in Malmö yet. Having said that, I haven’t been looking particularly hard.

      What I suppose I’ll have to do is get a yoghurt maker and track down a starter culture..but for now this is a pretty good substitute…



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