Luscious leftovers – Phul Gobi Shakarkand Molee

Phul Gobi Shakarkand Molee

Phul Gobi Shakarkand Molee

First things first – apologies to my Hindi speaking friends, if I have rendered the language un-intelligible as regards the name of the dish.

Some dishes, such as the legendary Bubble & Squeak, were originally nothing more than crafty, thrifty, cooks re-using leftovers in a creative and clever way to produce a tasty treat.

When it came to my lunch-time the other day, I simply couldn’t be bothered to even think about trying to make anything from scratch.

I opened the fridge, resigned to eating whatever I could pull out of it that required minimal effort on my part.

5 minutes later I had lunch bubbling merrily away in my wok, and a big, fat, grin on my face.




Serves 1


  • 1 portion of leftover sauce from a Chicken Molee
  • 1 portion leftover cooked sweet potato
  • 1 portion leftover steamed cauliflower


Simply heat the sauce, adding a touch more water if necessary.

Add the sweet potato and cauliflower, taking care that they are just heated through, and not subject to further cooking, as this may leave them prone to mushification, which should be avoided at all costs.


This was a very tasty and interesting experiment. Since making the transition to a Paleo based regime, I hadn’t cooked and eaten one of my all-time favourite Indian dishes, Aloo Gobi, potato and cauliflower curry.

Just as in the case of Saag Aloo, or spinach and potato curry, the sweet potato has proved, to my satisfaction at least, that it can be a drop-in replacement for ordinary potatoes, as far as these 2 curries go, in any case.

This dish worked so well, however, that in future I think I’ll stick to preparing it with this type of “molee” style sauce, rather than the more usual tomato based sauce a classic aloo gobi is cooked in.


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