Quick and Easy Home Made Almond Milk

DIY almond milk from almond butter

DIY almond milk from almond butter

I am a Yorkshireman, and so have an in-built hatred of waste.

Being thrifty, getting the best value out of things, it’s simply part of our cultural DNA, a product of centuries of hardship.

We are always looking for ways to maximise our return on an investment, no matter how small.

Here at Château Paleovirtus, we’re quite keen on almond and other nut butters, but never seem able to finish a jar before the “use within so many months after opened” date.

Similarly, we never seem to drink a whole litre of store-bought almond milk before the appointed time has come for the unused remainder to meet the bottom of the kitchen sink.

Food waste. Bad news, man. No like, one bit.

Bearing that in mind, it will soon become apparent why a recent post by Tasha over at Bright Young Food really caught my eye.

In it, Tasha talked about producing nut milks from nut butters.

That seemed capable of solving 2 of our problems at a stroke – we would get to fully use the almond butter we buy, as well as eliminating the need for store-bought almond milk. Whenever we needed almond milk, we could simply produce a small batch.

We would also have the benefit of knowing exactly what is going into the almond milk we drink.

Please refer to Tasha’s original article for details of how to make nut milks from nut butters.


Notes and Results

Kung Markatta almond butter

Kung Markatta almond butter

My starting point was Kung Markatta’s almond butter, which contains only roasted, ecologically grown almonds.

After an initial test-run, I subsequently filtered out the heavier deposits with the aid of a tea strainer, before decanting into my bottle.

The filtered out bits

The filtered out bits

The taste is absolutely spot-on, very similar to a store-bought almond milk.

We’re looking forward to experimenting with producing other nut milks, especially hazlenut.

Thanks again, Tasha! You’ve made a Yorkshireman terribly happy!


That link once more – “The Easiest Nut Milk”, by Tasha Gartside, at Bright Young Food.


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