Luscious Leftovers – S.O.S. (Sort of “Soupe Au Pistou”)

Curried butternut squash and apple soup with walnut and parsley pesto

Curried butternut squash and apple soup with walnut and parsley pesto

Yesterday I felt well rough.

I knew I was in trouble when I got out of bed and didn’t want to go out on my early morning bike ride. “You’re ill, aren’t you…?”, commented Mrs. Paleovirtus as I limped back to bed.

Tux only knows what hit me. Some lurgy or other. Whatever it was, it never quite managed to put me completely out of action, but it did mean that I wasn’t exactly overkeen on cooking, which, given the fact that my digestive tubules were dancing to the “What Goes Down Just Might Come Up Again” Calypso, was probably a good idea.

Mrs. Paleovirtus and Paleovirtus Jr. decided to eat out. I opted to stay home in my jim-jams, and ply my troubled gristly bits with  Jasmine tea in a fevered attempt to placate them.

It must have encouraged my system to launch some kind of counter-attack, because I eventually started to get mildly hungry. The problem was, given the circumstances, no-one had been shopping, so it was  going to have to be time for yet another rummage around the fridge and freezer to see what I could come up with.

Luckily for me, the freezer yielded a sizeable portion of Curried Butternut Squash and Apple Soup, and the fridge was kind enough to donate some of the recently made Walnut and Parsley Pesto it had been looking after on our behalf.

The soup was simply heated up, and served with two good heaped dessert spoons of the pesto artistically swirled into it.

It was quite literally just what the Doctor ordered – it soothed the raging beast that was my alimentary canal, and I retired for an early night, and slept the sleep of the suitably nourished.

As you can see from the quality of the picture above, both my camera and I were having an off-day.

That “island” in the picture, by the way, was a thumb-end sized piece of butternut squash, that somehow survived being cooked, puréed, frozen, thawed, and then re-heated.

I’d like to see Stephen Hawking explain that!


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