Luscious Leftovers – Prawn and Spinach Curry

Prawn and Spinach Curry

Prawn and Spinach Curry

The combination of prawns (or shrimp, as some of our chums refer to these delicious little crustaceans) and spinach, is, for me, one of the best demonstrations of the magic, the sheer alchemy, of Indian cuisine.

If someone were to give you a bowl containing just cooked prawns and sautéed spinach, you would probably be thankful, but also slightly underwhelmed and a trifle disappointed.

Were they then to snatch the bowl out of your hands before you could reluctantly tuck in, add a splash of sauce carefully crafted from several select spices, and then return it to your possession, I would wager a pretty penny that you would now be more than happy to fill your face.

Here I was using sauce leftover from the previous night’s Meat Kofta. This sauce is so easy, not to mention quick to make, that you could always knock up a fresh batch specifically for this dish.

At a push you could even make a really “quick and dirty” version by substituting the fresh spring onion for onion powder, and then jumping straight to the “frying the spice paste” step.

Whichever saucy route you choose to take, bring about 200ml of it up to a low simmer in a non-stick wok or pan.

For a generous single serving for a hungry chap or chapette, add about 170g of cooked prawns at room temperature, and about 200g of fresh baby spinach that you have previously wilted by your preferred method of choice.

These days, to keep the oiliness under control, I personally zap the green stuff in the old microwave for about 30 seconds a handful.

Then it’s merely a question of giving everything a few seconds to heat through, before transferring to a suitably sized receptacle.

Enjoy with a nice pot of Jasmine tea, and plenty of raw broccoli to mop up the sauce.


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