Saturday Supper at the Swedish Superstore

Salmon salad IKEA restaurant

Salmon salad, IKEA restaurant

We needed a new mat for under our kitchen table, and this being a Swedish family, there was only really one place we were ever going to buy it, so off we headed to the 2nd. largest IKEA store on the planet, handily located on the Southern edge of town, Mrs. Paleovirtus and Paleovirtus Jr. by bus and train, myself by bicycle.

Just like our Danish cousins on the other side of the Öresund strait in Copenhagen, we live in a very cycle friendly city – thanks to the 300+ kilometres of cycle path we enjoy I was able to cover the 9km between our home and IKEA without once leaving dedicated bike lanes.

Seeing as discussions about soft furnishings and the like had taken up most of the day, we opted to eat out, taking advantage of IKEA’s 550 seat self-service restaurant.  

I opted for a fairly Paleo-friendly salmon salad. The only naughty ingredients it contained were a few sugar snap peas, and an equally small amount of pea sprouts, which to be perfectly frank was no big deal whatsoever, with them being easy to spot and push to one side of the plate.

No glow-in-the-dark, industrial waste type dressing to discard, either, simply a good, old fashioned lemon wedge. Perfect.

Reasonably priced, too, at a very affordable 49 shiny Swedish crowns. I added an apple and a pear at 5 crowns a piece, as well as coffee at 5 crowns, which came with free refills. Good, strong, Swedish coffee. I needed it, after battling an uphill gradient and a booming headwind.

Suitably loaded with protein, healthy fats, and more than a little caffeine, I was more than up for the what seemed like a 12 mile trek around the rest of the store, followed by another 9km in the saddle.

A night off from kitchen duties, a nice piece of fish, an autumnal bike ride, and a new carpet. Result.


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