Product Review – “Wild Chips” from “Wild Man”

Wild Chips

Wild Chips

Paleo snacks can be a bit of a problem.

Sure, there’s always fruit and nuts, or tinned fish, but they can become a bit samey if you’re away from home or on the road for more than a couple of days.

Sometimes, you find yourself yearning for something with a bit more “ooomph”. Something meaty.

Yes, there are sausage type snacks on the market, but sadly they often come loaded with various sugary and floury compounds. Not a problem here, these chips are 100% salted meat. As the packet says – “It doesn’t get a lot more natural than that”.

That makes “Wild Chips” from Wild Man a damn near perfect choice.

Wild Chips” are smoked and dried slivers of reindeer, elk and venison, from, as the website romantically puts it, “…fell and forest”.

Being smoked, dried, and salted they naturally enough have a long shelf life – the packet I tested was dated into the early part of 2016, making them perfect to travel with.

As you’d expect, the taste was superb, coming as it did from animals that had been until recently frolicking around the beautiful Swedish countryside.

The word “chips” might give some the idea that the contents of the packet would be crispy, but that is, of course, not the case. The chips are chewy, to be sure, but in a nice, rather than a “are these ever going to be soft?”, kind of a way.

The only potential drawback I could possibly see for some people is how salty they are. They aren’t overly salty by Swedish standards, but then again Swedes tend to like salt a tad more than others. Don’t let that put you off – it won’t make your mouth feel as though you’ve just marched across Death Valley – just be aware that they are quite salty.

One nice touch on the website is the “Recipe” section. These chips are not only great as a snack, but they stand up as an ingredient in their own right, too.  I particularly like the idea of using them as part of a sauce, or to add flavour to a casserole.

As far as availability goes, unless you happen to be in Sweden and near a branch of ICA, Coop, or Hemköp, your best bet is ordering online. Wild Man suggest ordering online from Fitness Guru or Outnorth.

Having said that, with their long shelf life, they are certainly export friendly, so keep your eyes peeled when in a delicatessen, or sports or outdoor pursuits boutique.

Paleovirtus verdict – spot on. 10 / 10.


Wild Man’s website can be found here – (in Swedish).


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