Two Quick Paleo Chocolate Treats

Paleo chocolate cake in a mug

Paleo chocolate cake in a mug

“Chocolate!”, exclaimed Paleovirtus Jr., quite out of the blue one afternoon. “We need chocolate!”

She then disappeared into her room, to do some research. She re-appeared a half-hour later with a shopping list, and promptly shot out of the door, heading in the general direction of our local hypermarket.

She returned a mere 15 minutes later, and immediately set to work, promising not 1 but 2 chocolate treats.

After an initial blur of activity, I was asked the rather ominous question “which of the tea towels is most stain-resistant?”

The microwave hummed a couple of times, the fridge door slammed shut, and Jr. breathlessly announced that treat no. 1 was done and chilling. That didn’t take long!

Not resting on her laurels,  she immediately launched into the preparation of treat no. 2. After a brief period of measuring and whisking, the microwave hummed again, and before I knew it treat no. 2 was being unveiled!

Just something to keep us going while treat no. 1 was finishing off in the fridge, she explained.

Paleo chocolate cake in a mug

Treat no. 2 as we call it here was in fact “Chocolate Mug Cake”, by Kiri Rowan, from Paleo Grubs.

We had high hopes for this recipe, hoping it would be the choco-dessert equivalent of the almond flour microwave bread recipe we love so much.

We weren’t disappointed! The recipe lived up to all our expectations, and then some. Future plans involve pairing it up with some coconut and almond ice cream, which just might possibly be the perfect Paleo dessert.

After an agonisingly long wait, it was finally time to pull treat no. 1 out of the fridge…

Paleo chocolate pomegranate seed nuggets

Paleo chocolate pomegranate seed nuggets

Paleo chocolate pomegranate seed nuggets

Treat no. 1 was this delectable combination of dark chocolate and pomegranate seeds that Jr. found in a YouTube video made by the very talented Linn Ahlborg….

Even for the non-Swedish speaking population of the world (stackars er!) it should be abundantly clear how to make these simply from watching the video!

Let it be known that we made these, our first ever batch, using Lindt 90% Dark Chocolate., as well as Swedish supermarket chain ICA’s own frozen pomegranate seeds, which saved all that mucking about peeling and slicing up a pomegranate in a bucket of water.

The frozen seeds were given a minute’s worth of radar love in the microwave to help them de-frost before dunking them in the chocolate.

You could, of course, use the dark chocolate of your choice to suit your own Paleo perspective.

Just be warned, though. These. Are. Dangerous. Gandhi and Mother Theresa would fight over the last one.

They were so good that we’re now on the lookout for a silicone mould of an appropriate size and shape, so that the next time we make them, they’ll look as purty as they taste.


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