Luscious Leftovers – Return of the Frankensoup



“Dad, what are you doing in there? The cat’s terrified!”, demanded Paleovirtus Jr.

“I’m cooking lunch!”, I retorted, somewhat indignant.

I can only assume that the source of the cat’s discomfort was my latest experiment in the dark arts of leftover reuse. To be perfectly frank, I was more than a little nervous myself. I think all that frantic meowing was his way of saying “Man-father, are you serious? Stop. Please stop! STOP NOW! NOOOOOOO!

Even the cooker was against me. During the creation of this meal, it mysteriously cut out twice. If the universe was trying to tell me something, I simply and metaphorically stuck my fingers in my ears and shouted “Na na na na naaa naaaa!” loudly, and repetitively.

A case of “fortune favours the brave”, or “fools rush in where angels fear to tread”?

It’s too early to tell. The thing I fabricated in the kitchen has only been inside me for about an hour and a half. It did taste nice on the way in, however, and hasn’t tried to get back out again, which gives me reasons enough to be quite optimistic about the final outcome.

The foundation for this wonder was the leftover broth from our recent meal of Shanghai Braised Chicken.  To this I added some sliced, leftover Italian sausage, some sauerkraut, and a double helping of leftover steamed cauliflower.

All I did technique wise was to throw everything into the saucepan the broth was in, stun it by bringing it to a quick boil, then simmer it into submission.

I considered adding something red and extremely hot into the mix, but thought better of it. I think I’m pushing my luck enough as it is.

Still, so far, so good.

Unfortunately, the order has just come in from the Paleovirtus womenfolk for tonight’s viands – “Moroccan Lamb”.

Uh oh…


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