Almond Flour Crispbread

Almond flour crispbread with tuna salad

Almond flour crispbread with tuna salad

The potentially thorny subject of “bread” was brought up again here the other day.

Mrs. Paleovirtus was wondering about the options for making a Paleo / LCHF friendly Swedish-style crispbread, or “knäckebröd”.

I agreed with her that having the option of a good knäckebröd recipe to hand would be A Very Good Thing Indeed. Knäckebröd plays such an important part in Swedish food culture, especially so at this time of the year, when our thoughts turn towards Julbord, the festive season’s variation on the Smörgåsbord of legend. Julbord without the Christmas Ham on knäckebröd? Unthinkable!

With that thought in mind, I began trawling the net, looking for suitable recipes. As per usual, I was looking out for simple recipes, with as few ingredients as possible. As I’ve said before, I feel that this makes the testing and troubleshooting process a lot easier, as there is simply less that can go wrong. Once you have a solid base to build upon, then you can start adding other ingredients, etc.

In this case this also makes good sense because traditionally knäckebröd was made with just 3 ingredients – flour, water, and salt.

The recipe I decided to try was “Grain Free Almond Crackers”, from “Caveman Food”.

For a list of ingredients as well as the method, etc, please refer to the original article, which can be found here.


I found that the dough came together really well, not at all as overly gloopy or sticky as some had reported in the original article’s comments section. This made rolling it out to the required thickness very easy, too.

With this being a first attempt, I was trying to judge the time baked by colour and smell. My first test batch were in the oven for 30 minutes. After cooling, this gave a knäckebröd that was certainly crisp and hard, and snapped cleanly, although this seemed to be quite sensitive to thickness – where the dough had been rolled only slightly too thick, a hint of softness was starting to creep in.

This might have been because I ate them as soon as possible – the minute they were cool enough. I think that with a little more cooling and drying out time the already good crispness would improve. I may even go so far as to build a small jig in order to ensure that they can only be rolled out to a pre-determined thickness.

Now that I have a solid base to build upon, I’m going to experiment with the addition of other ingredients. A starting point here is likely to be sesame seeds.

My “test lunch” was the knäckebröd plus a simple tuna salad of tuna, cucumber, finely chopped chives, salt, pepper, and a splash of lemon juice. The knäckebröd passed this test with flying colours!

My first test batch of almond flour crispbread

My first test batch of almond flour crispbread


The original article I used for the knäckebröd recipe over at Caveman Food can be found here.

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