Paleo Carrot Halwa

Paleo carrot halwa

Paleo carrot halwa

Indian desserts and sweets are fantastic.

Deliciously dangerous, but fantastic.

In fact, some of the early restaurants and other such businesses, associated with what is now referred to as the “curry industry”, began  as sweet shops, selling their delicious goodies to sweet-toothed ex-pats from the sub-continent.

One of my absolute favourite Indian desserts is Carrot Halwa. This is usually prepared by initially gently sautéing grated carrots in ghee (Indian clarified butter) , before simmering them in milk and A Lot Of Sugar.

Fantastic, but about as un-Paleo a way of cooking carrots as you’re likely to find.

Still, I didn’t want to give up on the idea of a Paleo friendly carrot halwa.

Then, one day I began to reason like this  – surely the ghee could be replaced by coconut oil, the sugar by honey, and the cow’s milk with a nut milk or coconut milk.

A quick Google to check that I was on the right lines brought me to the rather wonderful “My  Heart Beets”and another recipe  by Ashley.  I knew then that I was on safe ground, because whenever I make Paleo Naan Bread, it’s Ashley’s recipe I use!

Seeing as I was already 98% there, I simply tweaked my ingredients and method to fall in line with Ashley’s.

Ashley’s recipe for Carrot Halwa can be found here.


If you’re used to a traditional carrot halwa made with dairy produce, you’re going to notice a subtle difference in flavour, one I personally think suits this dish far better.

Apart from the flavour, also be aware of the fact that this halwa is a tad softer than usual, and requires a delicate touch when serving.

You’re going to have to keep it chilled more, too – this Paleo version gets runnier quicker than the butter / milk / sugar based one.

Still, these are just minor issues to be aware of, rather than negative points.

Carrot Halwa is back on the menu for us, and that’s what I call a result!


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