Happy Birthday, Mrs. Paleovirtus!

Kin Long - superb shellfish

Kin Long – superb shellfish

The other day we celebrated Mrs. Paleovirtus’ birthday, which in this family can only mean one thing – a visit to our favourite restaurant in town, Kin Long.

From my Paleo perspective, this meant potentially turning a blind eye to a few things I otherwise wouldn’t normally eat, such as soy sauce and sugar.

I knew from past experience, however, that I would be able to choose dishes that contained as little as possible, if indeed any, of these ingredients, and, if I’m going to compromise at all for any restaurant, it would be Kin Long!

The shortish menu is a perfect example of the philosophy of “do a few things, but do them superbly well”.  Over the years, we’ve eaten just about everything on the menu, and never been disappointed.

I started off with a Sichuan Style Winter Cucumber Salad…

Sichuan Style Winter Cucumber Salad

Sichuan Style Winter Cucumber Salad

The cucumbers were nicely crunchy, and the marinade had a nice chilli kick to it.

My main course was Fried Prawns with Ginger and Garlic…

Fried Prawns with Ginger and Garlic

Fried Prawns with Ginger and Garlic

The prawns are cooked in their shells, which helps to keep them tender and succulent, as well as giving them a very satisfying crunch!

I finished off my meal with a pot of High Mountain Oolong tea, often called the “Champagne of teas”, which was superb, with wonderful candy like flavours with hints of liquorice, honey, and straw. As with all top quality teas, I managed 3 infusings without any problems at all…

High Mountain Oolong tea

High Mountain Oolong tea

Mrs. Paleovirtus had Kin Long’s legendary Three Cups Chicken, with Paleovirtus Jr. opting for the Beef with Cashews. Both meals were declared to be up to the restaurant’s usual high standard.

So, yet again a splendid time was had by all, thanks to the best efforts of a truly talented crew in the kitchen, and the friendly and knowledgeable front of house team.

Roll on the next anniversary or birthday, that’s what I say!

Restaurant Kin Long,

Address: Rådmansgatan 1, 21146 Malmö, Sweden – right opposite the Malmö Scandic hotel

Phone: 040-611 94 04


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