Paleo Hot Chocolate

Paleo hot chocolate

Paleo hot chocolate

My phone rang. It was Paleovirtus Jr.

“Dad”, she gasped, “do we have cocoa power in?”

“First things first”, I said. “Are you calling while you’re riding your bike? Again!? You know how dumb I think that is!”

“Forget that”, she said, “this is important!”

“Oh really?! And what, child, pray tell, is more important than road safety?!”

“Paleo hot chocolate!”, came the reply. “Recipe. Found one. Must try. Shopping first. Talk later.”

And so it came to pass that Paleovirtus Jr. arrived home a half hour later armed with a tin of full fat coconut milk and a new jar of honey.

This was going to be an interesting experiment. A guilt free, Paleo friendly hot chocolate recipe would be a truly magnificent thing  in Southern Sweden during this part of the bleak midwinter.

When those bitter winds whip in off the Öresund strait, and you find your extremities turning to concrete as you struggle to stay upright, then the thought of a warming chocolate drink is a very comforting one indeed.

What Paleovirtus Jr. had stumbled across was this recipe over at Oh Snap! Let’s Eat!”, by Tina Tsai.

Paleovirtus Jr. made up a trial batch, and things went very quiet. I was worried that she might have made things too hot, and singed her vocal chords.

Thankfully she hadn’t harmed herself – she was merely stunned into silence by how good the finished hot chocolate actually was.

Well, as you can no doubt tell, the trial batch was a big success, and so Paleo hot chocolate has become a regular feature hereabouts.


After going by the book for the trial batch, the only modifications we made to Tina’s recipe in later batches was to use smaller cans of coconut milk – we use Blue Dragon’s 165ml tins, and upping the amount of honey to a full tablespoon.


This is absolutely spot on – sweet but not overly so, and with a real chocolate belt!

Thanks, Tina!


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