Mix And Match

Stir fried pork with prawns and vegetables

Stir fried pork with prawns and vegetables

Not a new recipe today as such, but more of a tweaking of two earlier efforts.

First up, Stir Fried Pork With Prawn & Vegetable.

This is basically a slightly modded version of Sichuan Pork With Asparagus. Apart from being significantly milder thanks to the lack of chillies, it gains carrot and celery, as well as those tasty shellfish.

Secondly, I played around with the recipe for Pilau Cauliflower Rice somewhat.

This incarnation of the dish starts with onion, ginger, and garlic fried off in coconut oil with a little curry powder, before being steamed as per the original recipe.

I then whacked in 3 beaten eggs finished the dish off by scrambling them, making it the scrumptious love child of the cauliflower pilau rice and egg fried cauliflower rice.

Egg Pilau Cauliflower Rice

Egg Pilau Cauliflower Rice

Not too bad a result  considering I wasn’t particularly in the mood for a lot of kitchen activity.


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