Fourth Floor Scooters And The Big Game

Chicken and vegetable stir fry with cashews

Chicken and vegetable stir fry with cashews

All things considered, Winter could have been a lot worse.

The frozen season was, even by the relatively gentle standards of Southern Sweden, a mild one.

Dark, short, days, as always, but very little of what my pa-in-law poetically referred to as “The White Crap”.

That, as they say, was then. It’s late March, and April’s just around the corner. Things are starting to change.

The soccer season is about to kick off. Why, this very afternoon we’ll be cheering on our local ladies team, Rosengård FC, in the second leg of their UEFA Womens Champions League quarter-final match against Wolfsburg of Germany.

Longer days and double digit temperatures mean that “Outdoors” can once again be reclaimed as a place of recreation, and not merely considered as a conduit between indoor-y type venues.

For fitness as well as enjoyment purposes, Paleovirtus Jr. and I have bought adult kick-scooters, and regularly go on longish cruises around our part of town. Sea views, coffee, and a total body workout at the same time.

Seriously, buy one, and incorporate it into your commute and / or fitness routine. You’ll save a shed-full of time, for starters. Think it looks easy? Tell that to your legs the morning after your first scoot. Most importantly, you’ll have fun!

We’ve already started to make the single-speed riding hipsters nervous. They’re clearly terrified that there’s a cool, new thing happening, and they aren’t a part of it. You mark my words, they’ll all be scooting within a fortnight.

Having said that, I do actually own several single speed bikes of my own, but in my defence I should say that I built them all myself, and did so years before the local hipsters were toddling off to the local bike shop to buy those garishly multi-coloured things they wobble around on.

When the great outdoors calls, you have to answer. Forests and lakes, meadows, mountains, dales and fells, they’re all starting to wake up, and we have to be ready for action.

The days of pouring over cookbooks for hours on end as icy rain lashes the balcony window are gone, for now.

We’re entering a blissful time of hit-and-run easy lunches, 30 second salads, and ad-hoc, improvised suppers.

Like this one.

This meal comprised of a sawn-off, but not dumbed-down, version of our earlier “Chicken With Celery, Green Pepper, and Nuts”.

Riding shotgun as always was the one and only egg fried cauliflower rice.

It was more or less the same – we just skipped the marinading of the chicken, and used cashews only rather than a mix of cashews and walnuts. Oh, and the pepper was orange.

You guessed it, as far as our local supermarket was concerned, it was a case of “any colour you like as long as it’s orange”.

We’re supposed to be living in a post-Fordist society. I guess they missed that meeting….


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