Out Like A Lion

Pork and beef with aubergine

Pork and beef with aubergine

Daylight savings time. It’s supposed to herald the return of Spring, non? Summer just round the next bend in the road? Eh?

Better weather? The death of Old Man Winter, stuff like that? That’s what I’ve always believed to be the case, anyway.

Obviously someone in the Weather Planning Department never got the memo.

The day didn’t get off to the most auspicious of starts.  The cat clearly got hold of the wrong end of the stick regarding all the messing about with the clocks, and started to headbutt me awake at “leave now, or face terrible consequences, cat” o’clock.

Usually he’s the epitome of tenaciousness and persistence, especially when his gullet’s concerned, but on this occasion the penny dropped, and he scarpered.

Still, it was mission accomplished. Man-daddy was awake. It was only then that I realised that the bedroom window was taking an almighty battering from what seemed to be a high pressure fireman’s hose.

After a quick, therapeutic bout of teeth grinding and heavy sighing, I admitted defeat and got up, much to the delight of the furry, purring nuisance with a black hole at the end of his oesophagus.

Ah. We appear to be in the middle of some sort of cyclone. The road outside our apartment block is already flooded, and the No. 3 bus is sending up monstrous tidal waves every time it comes past.

Doesn’t weather lore foretell that if it’s bad at the end of March it’ll be terrible on every day with a “T” in its name from now until St. Humperdinksmass or something?

In any case, the only sensible option was to make a ridiculously strong cup of coffee, and fire up the stove for bacon and eggs.

We have an induction cooker, and when you activate a hob, it makes a sound like the Picard / Next Generation era Enterprise just before it jumps to warp. Wonderful. Frying pans – engage!

It was very nearly leftovers for breakfast. I was sorely tempted, and no mistake, but I had the back-end of a packet of bacon to use up, and cashing in my leftovers chips at breakfast time would have left me lunch-less. Bad news.

The leftovers in question were the delicious remnants of last night’s pork and beef mince with aubergines.

This was basically very similar to Beef With Aubergine & Mushroom, but made with a 50 / 50 mixture of minced / ground beef and pork known as Blandfärs ( mixed mince ) in Swedish, and minus the wine and mushrooms.

Thanks to an almost total lack of foresight and anything remotely resembling planning, I only found out I was out of Herbes de Provence at the last second, so I used a similar amount of “Vilt Krydda” (“Game Spice”), a spice / herb blend normally used for elk, or venison, etc, which contains salt, black pepper, onion powder, ground juniper, ground coriander, rosemary, sage, paprika, bay leaf, thyme, and garlic powder.

Not exactly a combination you’d come across terribly often, but it did the business.

Meanwhile, it’s still pouring down.

Sod this for a game of soldiers. I’m off to the cellar to do things to bicycles.

Assuming it isn’t three feet deep in water, of course.


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