Burgers With Aubergine Buns

Burgers with aubergine buns

Burgers with aubergine buns

I, personally, don’t subscribe to any model of the market which sees the consumer as just a helpless victim, completely at the mercy of ogre-like corporations.

I believe that markets work best when there is an open exchange of information between customer and supplier.

You won’t receive if you don’t ask in the first place. Shy babies get no goodies.

The flip should also be true – in an ideal situation any company that doesn’t listen to its customers shouldn’t be surprised to see a competitor come along and fill that niche, outmanoeuvre it, and put them out of business.

Take the LCHF ( Low Carb High Fat ) movement for example. Initially, here in Sweden, the idea was laughed at. Health care professionals advocating an LCHF regime were persecuted.

No concern in its right mind would have touched what was considered to be a train-wreck of an idea with the proverbial poo-poo encrusted stick.

Fast forward a few years, and the market has listened to what people were asking for, in effect doing a complete 180.

LCHF is now totally mainstream. Paleo, the new kid on the block, is slowly getting there.

Supermarkets stock packet mixes for LCHF / Paleo friendly crispbread and loaves.

You can now buy high meat content sausages, free of potato or rice flour fillers or added sugar, something that was almost unthinkable even a few years ago. The suppliers have twigged on that people want crap free quality, and yes, they are prepared to pay for it.

Which rather neatly brings me to these particular burgers.

There are, it has to be said, some rather nasty frozen burgers out there. My dog was somewhat of a connoisseur, and would rather have gone hungry than eat the cheaper, supermarkets own brand varieties.

These burgers, from Swedish company Scan, boast a whopping 99% meat content. They contain meat, salt, and pepper, according to the website. Of the meat itself, 71% is brisket.

As I said above, that means you pay a premium. Fair enough. These burgers run out at about $6.50 US for 4.

The difference in quality is hugely noticeable. No frozen burger could ever replicate the taste of freshly home-made, but these come a very close second place.

I served them on grilled aubergine “buns” – thick  aubergine slices which were lightly oiled, and then given a walk over a medium-hot grill pan until soft, about 4 minutes a side.

The burgers were finished off with the usual suspects – sliced onion, cucumber, bell peppers, and, of course, 1 whole sliced Jalapeño per burger. A few salad leaves and cherry tomatoes, and we were good to go.

It was only when I sat down to tuck in, however, that I realised with an almighty “D’oh!” that I had a packet of bacon in the fridge……


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