Steak And Mash

Steak and mash

Steak and mash

Crafty use of leftovers? Check!

Discovery of a new vegetable assortment in the freezer section of local supermarket? Check!

Steak? SPROUTS?!! Checkety, check, check, check!!!1!

Honestly, how much more WIN is it possible to pack into 3 sentences?

We’d decided we’d have steaks the other night, as a nice, easy way to usher in the long, Easter weekend.

I had the leftover sauce from the recent honey lemon chicken sat in the fridge. A spoonful of that drizzled over the meat should work. The sauce was also crying out for something to soak it up, such as a mash. Oh look, a frozen assortment of root vegetables I had previously been unaware of. How fortuitous.

Cooked and blitzed, they made a great mash. For good measure, I chucked in the last of the roast garlic from the chicken dish. Spot on.

Sprouts, because, well, they’re sprouts for the love of Tux. The day when we have to start explaining or justifying the presences of sprouts on a plate is the day we know civilization is on borrowed time, non?

Mrs. Paleovirtus opted, as usual, for a nice, fatty slab of entrecôte, whilst Paleovirtus Jr. and I chose a chunk of ryggbiff, which as far as I know is a boned-out section of sirloin.

I never try to do anything overly complicated or fancy with good steak.

I lightly season it, give it a tickle with an oiled pastry brush, and then drop it into a dry, medium hot non-stick frying pan. 1½ minutes a side gives a nice colour, and a medium interior.

Plate lickingly good.

The only disappointed one was our four legged, furry, feline, Burmese overlord. By the time he sauntered over to the table, there was not even the smell of the meal left…


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