A Swedish Easter Plate

An Easter plate

An Easter plate – picture courtesy of Beegabild

A Swedish Easter plate, in our family at least, tends to be rather similar to the ones served up at both Midsummer and Christmas, put together from a buffet style spread.

I know what you’re thinking. Smörgåsbord.

This isn’t smörgåsbord – it doesn’t have half the things a real, old-school smörgåsbord would.

No bread. No cheese. No potatoes. No booze.

Still, it’s a Paleo-style nod to the general principles – boiled eggs ( decorated by the enormously talented womenfolk of Clan Paleovirtus, it must be noted ), shellfish, fish ( cold smoked salmon ), meat ( prosciutto ), and a potato substitute in the form of a slightly tweaked spinach cauliflower rice, which gained mushrooms, scallions, and a pinch or three of curry powder.

I could have used sweet potatoes, mais naturellement, but I had the cauliflower rice and other bits already in.

At one stage I was planning on cooking meatballs, my pa-in-laws recipe, the real deal, but unfortunately ran out of time.

However, I have been assured that I will henceforth be nagged incessantly until they appear on our dining table. Watch this space.

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate, would it?

Our local eco-supermarket had run out of my favourite French 100% cacao chocolate ( review coming soon ), so I had to settle for Lindt’s rather nice “90% Excellence”. Terrible, isn’t it?

Eaten with a couple of Sharon fruit and a strong cup of Swedish coffee, it was a splendid way to round off the meal.

Happy Easter everyone!


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