Breakfast Berries

Breakfast berries

Breakfast berries

I noticed the bright colours of the packaging first, which, being profoundly colourblind, isn’t something that happens terribly often.

There they were, sandwiched between the blueberries and the mango chunks in the frozen fruit section, a new “exotic” berry mix.

I gave them a trial run, and liked them so much that they quickly became part of my default breakfast.

The 250g boxes are a mix of Goji berries  (20%), sea-buckthorn (20%), blueberries (20%), blackberries (20%), cranberries (10%),  and redcurrants (10%).

A packet will be sufficient for 2 single servings, when taken with the rest of the ingredients.

I place the 125g serving in a microwave proof bowl, and then add a good handful each of frozen raspberries and frozen pomegranate seeds.

Zap for a minute. Stir well, and give another minute of radar love.

Throw over a good handful of desiccated coconut, and then set aside for a while to allow the coconut to absorb the fruit juices.

If you’re that way inclined, a sliced banana finishes things off rather well.

All that you need to compliment the berries is a slice of seed crispbread, a couple of boiled eggs, and a righteous cup of good, strong Swedish coffee.

That’ll see you right until lunch-time.

This is the true breakfast of champions. Accept no imitations!

Go get ’em tiger! Grrrrrrrrr!

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