Here Comes The Sun

Salmon, egg, and asparagus

Salmon, egg, and asparagus

We’re in the middle of a heatwave. Kind of.

19°C would have my mate in Southern California reaching for an extra sweater, but for Scandinavia in the middle of April it’s positively balmy.

Yesterday, I watched my daughter’s soccer match without a jacket on.

Granted, due to the orientation of the stand we were sheltered from the wind and in direct sunlight, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

The national TV people were even interviewing happy sun-worshippers on the beach opposite our apartment building, including one brave chap setting up a disposable barbecue slap bang next to a seaweed dredging operation that you can occasionally smell in the next county.

The kiosk proprietors were besides themselves with joy at the mere thought of all the ice-cream they were about to sell.

On days like this, all you really want to do is sit on your balcony and stare out to sea, contemplate the graceful span of the Öresund bridge, and indulge in the odd bit of boat and plane spotting.

More importantly, the last thing I want to do is spend hours stood over a hot stove, even if I still haven’t quite got over the novelty of being able to work in the kitchen at 7pm without a light on.

That’s where meals like this come into their own.

Steam a good cargo of asparagus. Boil a few eggs. Add a few slices of cold smoked salmon. Dress with lemon juice, a righteous twist of black pepper, a dash of sesame seed oil, and for the daring a bold splootle of hot pepper sauce.

Just a few degrees warmer, and we’ll be able to eat on the balcony again.

Cardigans optional.

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