Fish And Fruit – The Matrix Had Me

Fish and fruit

Fish and fruit

Yesterday, I finally found my long-lost collection of DVDs. Hurrah. Great joy, etc.

It was only then that I realised that we possess but one functional device capable of reading said disks with a non-busted sound output jack – my old Win-XP era desktop system, which for rather complicated reasons now lost in the mists of time is named “Greg“.


No problem – I could simply stick the Puppy Linux operating system on it. Puppy’s a great way to bring slightly older hardware that can’t run the latest whiz-bang stuff back to life.

One download, CD burn, and boot-up later, and dear old Greg was back in business, and I was able to watch DVDs once more. Better test the new system, eh? Like one does.

Top of the DVD pile was “The Matrix“. I’ll just watch the first 5 minutes, I said to myself. Just to see that everything’s as it should be. 5 minutes. No more.

Oooh, I’d forgotten how good the opening 5 minutes of this movie was. All right, the opening 15 minutes. No more. 15 minutes.

Before I knew where I was, Neo was taking to the skies and the end credits were rolling. Damn fine flick, that.

Hang on, don’t I have “Reloaded” too….?

Reloaded” came and went, and after a slight pause to load the dishwasher, so did “Revolutions“.

I was about to slap “The Animatrix” DVD into Greg’s drive when Paleovirtus Jr. kindly reminded me that we had to be elsewhere to meet Mrs. Paleovirtus in less than an hour.


Now that I’d unplugged, however, it occurred to me that I was hungry in the real world.

There was only one solution given the timescale – that classic Paleo fall-back meal – tinned mackerel in tomato sauce, and a nice plate of fresh fruit.

Not quite a single-celled protein combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins, and minerals, but good enough….

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