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The Flesh Of A Good Pig II…

Stereo on, cooking bacon

Stereo on, cooking bacon

Bacon frying in one pan, eggs in the other.

I had my breakfast earlier – two perfectly boiled eggs instantly devilled with a splash of Louisiana  Hot Sauce, and a bowl of berries and coconut.

No, this is Mrs. Paleovirtus’ breakfast.

Ironically, the Englishman takes extra strong Swedish coffee with his breakfast, and the Swede English tea. Funny old world, innit?

I took a cup of coffee just after sunrise on our balcony, before even the first of the day’s joggers and dog-walkers hit the beach over the road.

It reminded me of that scene from King’s “The Langoliers“, that what I was seeing was a day pregnant with possibility and potential.

Not just a day, though, a season, an entire year, all fanning out from this datum line, this pause between tick and tock, a frozen instant when the pendulum stops at the end of an arc.

It starts here, I thought, the great Outdoors campaign, a time of longboard cruises and kick-scooter trips for coffee, long bike rides and short-notice, ad-hoc picnics.

Come the back-end we might be bored of it all, but I sincerely doubt it.

That all comes later, of course.

Right now, I’ve got new bushings to fit on my longboard, and a 16 tooth sprocket to fit on my bike.

This is going to be brilliant.

See you in October…..


Chicken With Apricots, Bacon, And Pistachios

Chicken with apricots, bacon,  and pistachios

Chicken with apricots, bacon, and pistachios

Sometimes inspiration arrives via the most tortuous of routes.

I’d been indecisive about what to cook for dinner the whole day. I’d tried all the usual tricks to un-block the idea jam  – going for a walk, drinking a nice pot of Pu-Erh, chasing the cat, gazing out to sea, plane spotting, being chased by the cat – but nothing could start the old creative juices pumping.

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Corned Beef Hash

Corned Beef Hash

Corned Beef Hash

Every cook has a dish they make that someone else really loves, and yet are completely unable to replicate, no matter how hard they try.

Nigel Slater’s “Toast, for example, details his attempts to crack his stepmother’s lemon meringue pie recipe, utilising subterfuge, espionage, and inspired guesswork.

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