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A Swedish Easter Plate

An Easter plate

An Easter plate – picture courtesy of Beegabild

A Swedish Easter plate, in our family at least, tends to be rather similar to the ones served up at both Midsummer and Christmas, put together from a buffet style spread.

I know what you’re thinking. Smörgåsbord.

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Christmas Ham and Eggs

Christmas ham and eggs

Christmas ham and eggs

Merry Christmas! Hope you’re having a good one!

Up here in Sweden we did the bulk of our celebrating yesterday, on Christmas Eve, or Julafton as we say hereabouts. We trotted over to one of Mrs. Paleovirtus’ Aunt’s place, to liberally stuff ourselves with Julbord, which as the name suggests is the seasonal variation of our utterly legendary Smörgåsbord. 

I’d be here until Doomsday if I was to even attempt to list all the dishes that might appear on a righteous, old school Julbord, so I won’t. I’ve got far better things to be getting on with today, as have you, I strongly suspect.  Let’s just sum up Julbord this way – great meat, superb fish, wonderful veg. By the cartload.

This morning I was awake early, and decided  to make breakfast a simple job, given that I might be quite busy today, too. I opted for a couple of good, thick, slices from the Christmas Ham, or Julskinka, and a few boiled eggs. Perfect.

By the sound of it, my womenfolk expect me to get crafty with a clucker this afternoon, as well as cast a few kitchen spells in the general direction of a lump of red cabbage.

I’ve got a secret stash of medjools,  and enough tea to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool, so I’m game for anything!